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I need money for a car repair, I am desperate!

wooisme started this conversation
Even a Few dollars could help me save for this.  I am selling my things on e-bay to try to save up for this $1,000 repair but I need help and I'm feeling very helpless and feel that no one can spare anything...there are so many requests here.  All i really need is whatever you could afford to send to me.  Please send me a message if you could help!
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Fai   in reply to grannylong
I am desperate need of a job and finances so I can pay my bills and get a car sothat I can go out looking for other types of work. I'm deperate, everything is piling up.
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im disabled an need money to repair my van
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woman in a shoe   in reply to napkin
Sorry I don't know of any place that will pay for car repairs. The ones on here are homeless no food with baby's not able to pay there bills. Sorry know cash on this site. Wish U The Best
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napkin   in reply to Morris19
i am a a 58 yr old women i had to have my vehicle towed to pepboys because it broke down on me one day when i was coming from the store come to find out they said i needed a head gasket the cost for parts and repair is 1700.00 they have had my car for two months my source of income is i sell,and deliver lunches and dinners, i also take care of my grand children part time without my vehicle i am stuck and it is hard when you have to depend on others to do things for you if you could give me any kind of finanicial help i would appreciate it so much the monies does not have to come to me it can go sraight to pep boys on my behalf--thanking you in advance
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woman in a shoe   in reply to 1234Wilber
I am sorry but the person u posted to hasn't been on here in about 7 years. I am sorry don't know any body that fixs cars we get people from all over the world on here. And there no cash on this site the ones on here are homeless no food with baby's not able to pay there bills good luck
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i to need help to get my car fixed on fixed income spent eavery thing on this one it needs a new rack pinion and the heater fixed still owe on it i dont think there is any help here tryed to deleate it but couldnt
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to LukiBigz
What is your State?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to LukiBigz
Hi the person u just post to hasn't been on here sent 07. I don't know of anyone that fixes cars the ones that come on here are homeless almost homeless no food with babys not about to pay there bills ask for some grant for school ask for dental I can give u info on most of these good luck
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i drive a 2003 mustang gt. i got it for the low but with few problems, recently i had an accident and i need a new bumper and fender. i go to school so i dont have much money. i would like to ask you for some support.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Morris19
Sorry no cash on this site sorry
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Hi I am a Baker college student and I need my car fixed badly. could you please HELP!!! my car is a silhouette 2001 and the bill is 2546.34 please help I need my car
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My car recently got repossessed a day before I was supposed to start my new job. Ohhhhhh the irony. Like most people in America I have fallen on hard times. Being out of work for 7mnth and seeing a job offer walk away from me is KILLING me. My credit is to bad for a payday or bank loan. I am 100% able to pay back the loan once I get my car out of repossession to attend work. ANY HELP would be truly appreciated.
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kobe mommy
I am a single mom of a 2 yr old my engine gave up on us we don't have the money to fix it and it's in the shop and we don't have 2800 to fix it and we need help if any one knows of any thing plz e mail me and some one pray for us
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Hi I'm a single mom with bad credit I just stated back working and my transmission went out so now I'm begging others to take me to work. Every shop I call want 1400 please help me
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wegotcartroubles   in reply to wegotcartroubles
No joke*
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I just spent $2900 on a new car and not even a month later my head gasket cracked! My husband is willing to do all the repair work but I have to spend about $400 or so in parts. We are trying to save up but our other 2 cars need lot of work and have no ac I just spent $350 on one of the other cars and still the ac isn't working we need one more tool!! Also we live in the desert it is 120 in this area (no joke) and we have drive with our son in these conditions! We were going to sell one of our old cars but now we can't my husband works outta town and I work in town so we need 2 cars becuse we work the same hours! Any help would deeply appreciated!
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I need help really bad.. My Hot water tank busted, The A/C unit went out and now my car is broke down and will cost $1,000 or more to fix!!
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northmechanic   in reply to astroup
hines,mn i would need a little more info on whats happening
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astroup   in reply to northmechanic
Where do you work from? I'm having car problems, think its a leaking radiator.
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I am going throught the same thing myself.
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